Fleet Management

We are experts in planning, scheduling and organizing massive fleet deployments. When aftermarket products must be efficiently installed by professionals, our team is second to none to deliver high quality results.

Fleet Management 


  • Study

    Our team researches all the required technical details before proceeding to the products deployment.
    This method has been proven to be the most effective onsite resources management.

  • Preparation

    Our team prepares vehicle specific products connectivity to ensure the time spent onsite is 100% focussed to the vehicle installs thus reducing our onsite footprint.

  • Deployment

    When we are onsite our supervisor ensures the entire team is used to maximum efficiency.

    Our team is specialized into providing precise and controlled results.

  • Trainings

    Our team ensures the users are receiving an efficient products training and know how to take full advantage of each product's feature. We can use different media types to provide trainings such as Power Point presentations, Webinars, PDF Documents, Forums, Skype or phone communications.

  • Follow-ups

    We make follow-ups after products installations. This method ensures the users will be able to fully enjoy the advantages of their products.

  • Satisfaction

    Trough the entire process our team remains in touch with your experts to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the project results.