Technical Assistance

When it's time to build all the tools and services required to support a product or service our team is outstanding. We excel at creating technical documentation of all types as well as offering trainings and support.

We can set an appointment to evaluate your support needs and the various services we can offer you.

Technical Assistance 


  • Electrical...

    We offer various specialized vehicle electronic troubleshooting services. We are automotive electronic experts and through the years we experienced a wide variety of situations which now help us to narrow rapidly any source of problems and rule it out.

  • Documentation

    Our team will build your product's technical documentation. We can also translate your documentation from English to French to ensure your product's information and image will be to its best.

  • Trainings

    We've been in the 12Volt industry for more than 27 years, we are still using and acquiring knowledge on a daily basis. We have trained and supported thousands of professional installers through the past years.

    We offer various types of trainings, onsite, webinars, video, power point, PDF documents, web shared documents, phone, skype etc.

    We can set a meeting to evaluate your needs and propose a tailored training program.

  • Phone Support

    We have experts in technical support available. Our team has been deeply involved with many manufacturers, through the years we developed a talent to support 12 volt specialists and ensure their satisfaction through our services.

  • Education

    Our team maximizes the opportunities to be in touch with professional installers, to educate them about your product's advantages and benefits. Promoting the products during support has been proven to be an essential to most products successes, especially when the product requires professional installation.

  • Debugging

    Since we've been very deeply involved into products support, our team has developed an intuitive process to efficiently find problems and debug our partners products. Having our team onboard for your product support also means feedbacks and suggestions will be provided to your R&D team in order to improve your products or prevent products bugs.