Project Management

Our consultant expert team can help you to set the directions for product development and manage parts or your entire project. We have an unprecedented experience in automotive products development.
 Contact us to evaluate your needs and the services we can offer to ensure your project becomes a great success in a timely manner.

Project Management 


  • Evaluation

    Our team will meet with your experts to determine the project guidelines and objectives to be achieved.

  • Breakdown

    Our team will build a complete project breakdown in order to determine the milestones and be able to clearly quantify the achievements.

  • Gantt Chart

    Our team can build your project Gantt Chart and ensure corrections and follow-ups are made during the entire process.

  • Development

    Our products expertise is an asset when it's time to develop new solutions. Through the years we have built relationships with the greatest engineering and manufacturing companies worldwide.

    We can set a meeting to evaluate your needs, identify solutions and propose the best paths to complete your project. We are very firm on ETAs, quality control and budget management.

  • Realization

    The project realization process will be launched, your team will receive punctual updates on the ongoing achievements.

  • Budget

    Our team is budget sensitive and will constantly control the expenses related to your project to avoid any derailment. You will immediately be informed if any changes in the project can affect the authorized budget.

  • Delivery

    We will remain involved in the project until we are totally assured your project is delivered matching expected specifications and to your satisfaction.