With our team of experts, we offer various specialized services pertaining to the automotive industry to help you meet your customer's expectations.

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  • Project Management

    Our consultant expert team can help you to set the directions for product development and manage parts or your entire project. We have an unprecedented experience in automotive products development.
     Contact us to evaluate your needs and the services we can offer to ensure your project becomes a great success in a timely manner.

  • Product Development

    Our products expertise is an asset when it's time to develop new solutions. Through the years we have built relationships with the greatest engineering and manufacturing companies worldwide.

    We can set a meeting to evaluate your needs, identify solutions and propose the best paths to complete your project. We are very firm on ETAs, quality control and budget management.

  • Product Representation

    Our team can handle the representation and marketing of your new product through various high efficiency channels.

    We can organize a meeting to identify, propose and schedule the promotion of your product through the various and most efficient marketing channels in consideration of your targeted audience.

  • Technical Assistance

    When it's time to build all the tools and services required to support a product or service our team is outstanding. We excel at creating technical documentation of all types as well as offering trainings and support.

    We can set an appointment to evaluate your support needs and the various services we can offer you.

  • Fleet Deployment

    We are experts in planning, scheduling and organizing massive fleet deployments. When aftermarket products must be efficiently installed by professionals, our team is second to none to deliver high quality results.

  • Product Installation

    We are offering a wide scope of installation services related to vehicles electricity and electronics.

  • Electrical...

    We offer various specialized vehicle electronic troubleshooting services. We are automotive electronic experts and through the years we experienced a wide variety of situations which now help us to narrow rapidly any source of problems and rule it out.